I. F. Domnin, L. Ya. Emelyanov, S. V. Katsko, L. F. Chernogor


The results of studying the F region and topside ionosphere response to the strong magnetic storm of November 13–14, 2012 (Kp max=6+) are presented. The observations are carried out by the Kharkiv incoherent scatter radar. The magnetic storm was accompanied by the ionospheric storm with sign-variable phases. This storm was featured by the presence of two positive and one negative phases of disturbance.

Key words: geospace storm, ionosphere storm phases, ionosphere, incoherent scattering

Manuscript submitted: 14.02.2014

Radio phys. radio astron.  2014, 19(2): 170-180



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geospace storm; ionosphere storm phases; ionosphere; incoherent scattering

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