A. V. Gribovsky, O. A. Yeliseyev


The main power and polarizing characteristics of electromagnetic fields of the Gaussian wave beam scattered on a two-dimensional and periodic two-element reflective array of short-circuited waveguides of rectangular cross-section in a mode of nonspecular reflection are investigated. The analysis of power reflectance for a transverse component of the reflected electric field is made. Three-dimensional directional power patterns of the reflected wave beams in a far zone are calculated and analyzed. The state of polarization in the cross section of the reflected wave beams in a mode of autocollimation and in a mode of “orthogonal” reflection is investigated.

Key words:   three-dimensional Gaussian wave beam, non-specular reflection, radiation patterns, polarization patterns

Manuscript submitted 05.05.2014

Radio phys. radio astron. 2014, 19(3): 229-239


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three-dimensional Gaussian wave beam; non-specular reflection; radiation patterns; polarization patterns

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