V. A. Katrich, V. A. Lyashchenko, N. V. Medvedev


PACS number: 84.40.Ba 

Purpose: Studying the electrodynamic characteristics of the coaxialslot antennas and the ways of their control by the feeder and radiators geometrical parameters change.

Design/methodology/approach: The problem of electromagnetic wave excitation and radiation by the arc slot system in infinitely thin and perfectly conducting shield of coaxial line is solved by the magnetomotive forces method with the following multiparameter numerical model of multielement antenna array creation.

Findings: The influence of feeder and radiators geometrical
parameters on the energy and spatial characteristics of a coaxialslot antenna is shown. The influence of interactions between the slot radiators on the radiation and reflection coefficients and directivity characteristics of multielement antenna array is also studied. The spatial peculiarities of electromagnetic wave radiation into the medium different from the air one are considered.

Conclusions: The researches of the multielement coaxial-slot
antenna electrodynamic characteristics have shown the possibility for their essential improvement by the creation of nonuniform antenna arrays of the arc slots of different lengths. The necessity of accounting for the mutual interconnections between radiators in a coaxial-slot array is emphasized.

Key words: coaxial line, arc slot, directivity pattern, amplitude
and phase distribution, radiation coefficient, reflection coefficient, interconnection

Manuscript submitted 05.07.2016

Radio phys. radio astron. 2016, 21(4): 298-310



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coaxial line; arc slot; directivity pattern; amplitude and phase distribution; radiation coefficient; reflection coefficient; interconnection

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