DOI: https://doi.org/10.15407/rpra21.04.311

A. E. Kogut, I. K. Kuz’michev, R. S. Dolia, S. O. Nosatiuk, Ye. A. Shulga


PACS number: 41.20.-q 

Purpose: Showing the possibility in principle of the use of a screened dielectric resonator excited by the planar waveguide to stabilize the frequency of solid-state sources in the millimeter wavelength range.

Design/methodology/aproach: A wiring diagram of the high-Q resonator oscillator included into the self-excited oscillator system is used. To connect the generator to the resonator and the load, using the planar waveguides is suggested. Using just a planar waveguide for power supply from the generator to the resonator can significantly rarefy the spectrum and excite in dielectric resonator a high-Q whispering gallery mode.

Findings: The possibility of mm-wave oscillator frequency stabilization by an external high-Q shielded dielectric resonator driven by a planar waveguide is considered. The effective drive of whispering gallery modes of shielded resonator is shown to be achieved by changing the position of the output slot of the oscillator in a planar waveguide.

Conclusions: We succeeded in stabilization of the oscillator frequency by an external high-Q shielded dielectric resonator.

Key words: frequency stabilization, whispering gallery modes, high-Q shielded dielectric resonator, planar waveguide, mm-wave oscillator

Manuscript submitted 28.07.2016

Radio phys. radio astron. 2016, 21(4): 311-317


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frequency stabilization; whispering gallery modes; high-Q shielded dielectric resonator; planar waveguide; mm-wave oscillator

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