Focusing of Quasar Radiation in the Gravitational Field of a Microlens-Star Situated inside a Macrolens-Galaxy. 1. Solution Construction Using Sobolev Formula

L. A. Berdina, A. A. Minakov


Studying of microlensing phenomenon is one of the approaches of current importance to solving the problem of searching for the dark matter in the Universe. In the first part of the work, a solution of analysis problem of the quasar radiation focusing arising in the gravitational field of a microlens-star located inside the galaxy was obtained. The effect was analyzed within the Sobolev method which allows studying the change of focusing properties of gravitational field of a star depending on its position in the galaxy.

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Бердина Л.А. Фокусировка излучения квазара в гравитационном поле микролинзы-звезды, находящейся в макролинзе-галактике. 1. Построение решения на основе формулы Соболева / Л.А. Бердина, А.А. Минаков // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2010. — Т. 15, № 3. — С. 271-285.

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