Electromagnetic Field of a Magnetic Strip on a Finite Cone

O. B. Trishchuk, D. B. Kuryliak


A symmetric electromagnetic field of a magnetic strip located on a finite conductive cone is investigated. The dependences between the strip field patterns and magnetic current distribution are determined, the influence of cone’s edge on diffraction properties of such a radiating system is studied. Normalized magnetic strips and field patterns of real through-slots located on an infinite cone are compared, the applicability of magnetic strips in field modelling is justified. The semi-inversion method has been used in problem solving.

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Трищук О.Б. Электромагнитное поле полоски магнитного тока на поверхности конечного конуса / О.Б. Трищук, Д.Б. Куриляк // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2010. — Т. 15, № 3. — С. 314-323.

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