Frequency-Selective Properties of a Plane Screen of Finite Thickness with Coaxial-Sector Apertures

J. V. Antonenko, A. V. Gribovsky


he operator method investigates the reflectance module of a screen with coaxial-sector apertures at normal and oblique incidence of a plane linearly polarized electromagnetic TEand TM-mode as function of frequency. The contrastive analysis of frequency-selective properties of a screen with coaxial-sector apertures and a screen with rectan-gular apertures has been performed.

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Антоненко Ю.В. Частотно-селективные свойства плоского экрана конечной толщины с коаксиально-секторными отверстиями / Ю.В. Антоненко, А.В. Грибовский // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2010. — Т. 15, № 3. — С. 330-338.

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