Frequency Variations of HF Signals at Long-Range Radio Paths during a Solar Eclipse

S. B. Kascheev, A. V. Zalizovski, A. V. Koloskov, V. G. Galushko, I. I. Pikulik, Yu. M. Yampolski, V. I. Kurkin, G. I. Litovkin, A. I. Orlov


The measured spectral characteristics of HF signals at long-range propagation paths are analyzed for the day of the solar eclipse of August 1, 2008 and for the two adjacent days. The signals were radiated by special transmitters near Irkutsk, Norilsk and Magadan. The receiving sites were equipped near Kharkiv (Ukraine) and on the Svalbard Island (Spitsbergen Archipelago, Norway). The Doppler frequency shift variations during the solar eclipse have been found to show a similar behavior at different radio paths, with the characteristic amplitude being inversely proportional to the carrier frequency. A phenomenological model is suggested for the Doppler frequency shift variations in dependence on time varying integral illumination of the propagation paths. The model results are in good qualitative agreement with the measurements.

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Кащеев С.Б. Вариации частоты КВ сигналов на протяженных трассах во время солнечного затмения / С.Б. Кащеев, А.В. Зализовский, А.В. Колосков, В.Г. Галушко, И.И. Пикулик, Ю.М. Ямпольский, В.И. Куркин, Г.И. Литовкин, А.И. Орлов // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2009. — Т. 14, № 4. — С. 353-367.

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