“Ideal” Hemielliptic Dielectric Lens Antenna

A. V. Boriskin


Electromagnetic properties of the two-dimensional model of a hemielliptic dielectric lens antenna (DLA) are studied in order to estimate the efficiency of a highly-directed radiation pattern formation. Distinctive feature of the research is accurate accounting for the effects related to finite size of the lens and directive radiation pattern of the primary feed. This is achieved by using a previously developed highly efficient numerical algorithm based on a combination of the Muller’s boundary integral equations and the method of analytical regularization. The edge illumination parameter for DLA is introduced similarly as it is done in the theory of reflector antennas. It is shown that a proper choice of this parameter is critical for formation of the pencil-beam-type radiation patterns.

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Борискін А.В. “Ідеальна” напівеліптична діелектрична лінзова антена / А.В. Борискін // Радіофізика і радіоастрономія. — 2008. — Т. 13, № 2. — С. 159-166.

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