Effects in Geospace Accompanying Multiple Rocket Launches

L. F. Chernogor


Radio and ground magnetometer observations of dynamic processes in the ionosphere and in the geomagnetic field have been made after four launches of rockets of different power from different launch pads. The rocket launches are found to be associated with an increase in wave activity in the ionosphere and in the geomagnetic field. The effects that different sources (different rockets) have on the medium interfere with each other, that makes their identification complicated. Both the plasma and geomagnetic disturbances have speeds in the 1.2-1.7 km/s and 440-760 m/s intervals.

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Черногор Л.Ф. Эффекты в геокосмосе, сопутствовавшие стартам группы ракет / Л.Ф. Черногор // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2008. — Т. 13, № 1. — С. 39-54.

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