Electron Density Variations in the Ionospheric D-region near Kharkiv during the Magnetic Storm of January 2005

A. M. Gokov, A. I. Gritchin


The electron density variations measured with the partial reflection radar in the ionospheric D-region at mid-latitudes during a strong magnetic storm in January 2005 are shown. The D-region response is considered for all day hours, transitional periods included. The results are compared with those obtained a month before and after the magnetic storm in the undisturbed periods. Quasi-periodic increases in the D-region electron density by more than 50-100%during the magnetic storm and a few days beyond are revealed to last for tens of minutes with periods of T>30-60 min. The experimental data allowed estimation of ionization rates and parameters of the energetic particle fluxes.

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Гоков А.М. Вариации концентрации электронов в D-области ионосферы вблизи Харькова в период магнитной бури в январе 2005 г. / А.М. Гоков, А.И. Гритчин // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2008. — Т. 13, № 1. — С. 54-67.

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