The Choi–Williams Analysis in Digital Signal Processing

O. V. Vishnivetsky, O. V. Lazorenko, L. F. Chernogor


The properties, peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages of Choi–Williams transform are discussed. The Choi–Williams transform application for the different signal analyses is shown to be useful. The results of Choi–Williams-analysis are compared with those calculated by using the Wigner- and short-time Fourier-analysis. As example, some atomic functions and Kravchenko–Rvachev windows are investigated. The Choi–Williams-analysis is shown to be good addition to the Wigner- and Fourier-analysis. The simultaneous application of the Choi-Williams transform, Wigner transform and Fourier transform is recommended.

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Вишнивецкий О.В. Чои–вильямс-анализ в цифровой обработке сигналов / О.В. Вишнивецкий, О.В. Лазоренко, Л.Ф. Черногор // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2007. — Т. 12, № 4. — С. 410-433.

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