Comparison of Sensitivity Characteristics of Magnetic Field Sensors Based on Various Order Gradiometers for Magnetocardiographic Measurements

Yu. V. Durnyeva, A. Yu. Butrym, S. N. Shulga


High-order (2nd–3rd) gradiometers are conventionally used in magnetocardiographic measurements. Such gradiometers consist of several coils serially connected with different polarity. Current technology allows using software gradiometers which measure signals from each of the coils separately and sums them with software summation. In this case it is possible to combine the signals from sensor elements in different configurations by setting different weights. For hum noise filtering and in solving the inverse problem different adding circuits can be used. The object of this study is to compare several groupings of sensor elements in terms of response to source parameters.

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Дурнева Ю.В. Сравнение характеристик чувствительности датчиков магнитного поля на основе программно реализуемых градиентометров разного порядка для магнитокардиографических измерений / Ю.В. Дурнева, А.Ю. Бутрым, С.Н. Шульга // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2007. — Т. 12, № 4. — С. 433-439.

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