A High Time Resolution Receiver for Radio Emission Investigation

V. V. Zakharenko, V. S. Nikolaenko, O. M. Ulyanov, R. A. Motiyenko


The performance, schematics and test data of a high time resolution receiver designed to record radio emission from pulsars and other fast changing radiosources are shown. A two-channel structure of the receiver provides high data recording and processing potential. For the data stream to 28 Mb/s, the receiver can record continuously without data loss. The content of such recording is limited only by free HDD space. Using several frequency synthesizers allows to independently set up the frequency range for each channel. The channel bandwidth can be chosen within 2 and 7 MHz. Gain control exceeds 40 dB and is independent for each channel. Input data are bound to the reference signals of frequency and time standards. The receiver measuring units allow controlling the frequencies of all synthesizers, the input level, and amplitude and phase difference between channels.

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Захаренко В.В. Приемник с высоким временным разрешением для исследования радиоизлучения / В.В. Захаренко, В.С. Николаенко, О.М. Ульянов, Р.А. Мотиенко // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2007. — Т. 12, № 3. — С. 233-242.

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