Investigation and Optimization of Auxiliary Cathode for Secondary Emission Cold-Cathode Magnetrons

N. I. Avtomonov, S. V. Sosnytskiy, D. M. Vavriv


Temperature dependence of the auxiliary cathode emission current in magnetrons with cold secondary-emission cathodes is investigated theoretically. Different methods of providing a spatial-charge limited emission from the auxiliary cathode are studied to eliminate the temperature dependence. A new design of the auxiliary cathode is proposed which is supposed to provide a better temperature stability as compared to that used in currently manufactured magnetrons.

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Автомонов Н.И. Исследование и оптимизация бокового катода для магнетронов с холодным вторично-эмиссионным катодом / Н.И. Автомонов, С.В. Сосницкий, Д.М. Ваврив // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2007. — Т. 12, № 3. — С. 320-329.

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