A New Technique for Scanning by the Pattern of a Two-Element Phased Array of Rectangular Waveguides

A. V. Gribovsky


An easy and efficient technique without the necessity of using phase shifters is suggested for scanning by the main lobe of a two-element periodic phased antenna array of rectangular waveguide sections. The oscillations are excited and the power distributed in the waveguide channels by the surface wave of a planar dielectric waveguide with a metal substrate. The possibility is shown to simultaneously scan within two planes through changing the propagation direction of the surface wave in the dielectric waveguide

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Грибовский А.В. Новый способ сканирования диаграммой направленности двухэлементной фазированной антенной решетки из прямоугольных волноводов / А.В. Грибовский // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2005. — Т. 10, № 4. — С. 425-432.

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