Watson Transformation for the Coherent Electromagnetic Field Scattered by a Statistically Rough Sphere. II. Deformation of the Integration Contour and Calculation of the Field Asymptotics

A. S. Bryukhovetski, L. A. Pazynin


The asymptotic behavior of the integrand in the contour integral for Debye potentials in a complex plane of the angular momentum which are obtained in the first part of the work is investigated. The estimates obtained allow contour deformation on purpose to effectively calculate the short-wave asymptotics for the potentials in the illuminated and shadow zones of a large statistically rough sphere.

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Брюховецкий А.С. Преобразование Ватсона для когерентного электромагнитного поля, рассеянного статистически неровной сферой. II. Деформация контура интегрирования и вычисление асимптотик поля / А.С. Брюховецкий, Л.А. Пазынин // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2004. — Т. 9, № 1. — С. 47-57.

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