Calculation of Radiation by Array Antenna with Nose Dielectric Radome

S. V. Kukobko, S. V. Nechitaylo, A. Z. Sazonov, O. I. Sukharevsky


The paper examines the calculation method for the radiation field of a two-dimensional model of array antenna under an ogival radome. The analysis is based on the integral equation solution relative to the field in the radome layer. Results of directional patterns calculation for different angles of scanning by array antenna are presented. Examination of radome influence on the array antenna radiation has been made.

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Кукобко С.В. Расчет излучения антенной решетки с носовым диэлектрическим обтекателем / С.В. Кукобко, С.В. Нечитайло, А.З. Сазонов, О.И. Сухаревский // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2003. — Т. 8, № 3. — С. 287-296.

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