Electromagnetic Radiation of Thin Impedance Vibrators in Homogeneous Isotropic Dissipative Medium

M. V. Nesterenko


The asymptotic solution of integral equation for a current in a thin impedance vibrator located in homogeneous isotropic dissipative medium is obtained. The expressions for vibrator radiation fields as functions of the medium electrical-and-physical characteristics are found. Calculation and comparison with experimental data are carried out, and the diagrams of distributions of a current and the field in the near zone are presented depending on medium parameters and vibrator surface impedance.

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Нестеренко М.В. Излучение электромагнитных волн тонкими импедансными вибраторами в однородной изотропной среде с потерями / М.В. Нестеренко // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2003. — Т. 8, № 2. — С. 207-217.

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