Mathematical Modeling Bearing Process in Near Zone of Complex Extended Object

N. V. Barkhudaryan, S. E. Vazhinsky, V. A. Vasilets, A. Z. Sazonov, O. I. Sukharevsky


In the paper, the technique for calculation of angular deviation errors of the aerodynamic object of complex shape is presented, the direction finder being located in the near-zone of the scatterer. It is shown that these errors are caused mainly by the distortions of an amplitude-phase distribution in the aperture of a receiving antenna. Then, the angular deviations increase as the distance to the object decreases and may become considerable. The results of calculation of amplitude-phase distributions of the field in the aperture and the corresponding bearing errors for the aircraft with a maximal transverse size of 20 meters are presented.

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Бархударян Н.В. Математическое моделирование процесса пеленгации в ближней зоне сложного протяженного объекта / Н.В. Бархударян, С.Э. Важинский, В.А. Василец, А.З. Сазонов, О.И. Сухаревский // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2003. — Т. 8, № 2. — С. 217-227.

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