V. G. Bezrodny, B. Watkins, O. V. Charkina, Y. M. Yampolski


The aim of the work is to experimentally investigate the response of scintillation spectra and indices of discrete cosmic sources (DCS) to modification of the ionospheric F-region by powerful electromagnetic fields with frequencies exceeding the Langmuir and upper hybrid ones. The results of a special experiment on the scintillations of radiation from DCS Cygnus A observed with using the 64-beam imaging riometer located near the Gakona village (Alaska, USA) are here presented. The ionosphere was artificially disturbed by powerful HAARP heater. Under the studied conditions of nonresonant heating of the ionospheric plasma, an earlier unknown effect of reducing the level of DCS scintillation was discovered. The theoretical interpretation has been given for the discovered effect, which using allowed the proposed technique of solving the inverse problem (recovery deviations of average electron density and temperature in the modified region from their unperturbed values).

Key words: riometer, scintillation effect, cosmic background, discrete cosmic source, cross correlation

Manuscript submitted 13.01.2014

Radio phys. radio astron. 2014, 19(1): 40-47 


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riometer; scintillation effect; cosmic background; discrete cosmic source; cross correlation

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