L. M. Lytvynenko, S. A. Pogarsky, D. V. Mayboroda


Subject and Purpose. Th e paper presents results of numerical modeling and experimental studies of a disk-shaped microstrip antenna involving ‘meander’ type slotted inhomogeneities. The work has been aimed at optimizing the operating range of the antenna and matching it to external circuits through the use of additional structural elements and appropriate feeding techniques.

Methods and Methodology. The design features a circular disk-shaped microstrip resonator containing within its plane groups of slotted inhomogeneities which form a segmented meander line, with the segments oriented relative one another at an angle of 120°. The antenna could be fed through a segment of a screened coplanar line. The location of the screening plane of the coplanar line, as well as its dimensions, were variable. Numerical simulation was carried out within the ‘semi-open resonator’ technique using the finite element method. Th e degree of optimization of the operating range was estimated, based on analyzing spectral characteristics of the antenna, for a variety of its geometric parameters, and the magnitude of the return loss over a given frequency range. Measurements of the VSWR were carried out with reflectometers.

Results. Frequency and power characteristics of a monopole, disk-shaped microstrip antenna have been analyzed and optimized over a wide frequency range. Mechanical dimensions of the additional shielding plane and location thereof have been identified as factors having significant infl uence upon the frequency-dependent, polarizational and power characteristics of the antenna.

Conclusions. The operating frequency range, spectral and power characteristics of a monopole, disk-shaped microstrip antenna have been studied both theoretically and experimentally. Numerical simulations were carried out with the use of the finite element method. Experimental studies of the frequency characteristics were performed using refl ectometry techniques. The antenna considered can find practical application over a wide frequency range, either as a single radiating element in a device or system, or a constituent part of an antenna array.

Keywords: circular disk, slot, meander, coplanar line, radiation pattern

Manuscript submitted 25.04.2022

Radio phys. radio astron. 2022, 27(2): 083-092


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circular disk; slot; meander; coplanar line; radiation pattern

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