Focusing of Quasar Radiation in the Gravitational Field of a Microlens-Star Inside a Macrolens- Galaxy. 2. Intensity Contours Structure of the Radiation Source Visible Image

L. A. Berdina, A. A. Minakov, V. G. Vakulik


In the approximation of Sobolev and paraxial optics methods, the focusing effect of a complex gravitational lens formed by the gravitational fields of a macrolens-galaxy and a microlens-star was analyzed. The problem is solved for an arbitrary location of the microlens along the source – macrolens – observer route. Intensity contours of images were constructed and magnification factor of a complex lens was calculated. It was shown that the microlens renders the greatest influence on the focusing effect when it is located on the macrolens – observer route. The obtained results can be used in solving the inverse problem of parameters recovery of dark matter by observing the microlensing effect.

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Бердина Л.А. Фокусировка излучения квазара в гравитационном поле микролинзы-звезды, находящейся в макролинзе-галактике. 2. Структура изофот и усиление блеска видимого изображения источника излучения / Л.А. Бердина, А.А. Минаков, В.Г. Вакулик // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2011. — Т. 16, № 3. — С. 241-253

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