Survey of the Supernova Remnant Kes 79 by Results of 13CO and Methanol Observations

V. M. Shulga, S. Y. Zubrin, V. V. Myshenko


The molecular environment of the galactic supernova remnant Kes 79 by results of 13CO and methanol observations was studied. The 13CO spectral line broadening at velocities +90 and +105 km/s in the region of SNR-molecular cloud interaction is first revealed. Such a line broadening can be interpreted as a new evidence of SNR Kes 79 interaction with molecular clouds. The broadening at velocity +105 km/s was observed all over the SNR area. The region with broadened spectral line at velocity +90 km/s is located towards the north-eastern boundary of the SNR. A new methanol maser was discovered towards the OH molecule emission region previously detected in Kes 79. Presumably, the maser can be associated with the interaction of molecular cloud, moving at line-ofsight velocity +90 km/s, and SNR. The intensity of the detected maser varies with time.

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Шульга В.М. Наблюдения остатка сверхновой Kes 79 в линиях молекул 13CO и метанола / В.М. Шульга, С.Ю. Зубрин, В.В. Мышенко // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2011. — Т. 16, № 3. — С. 253-262.

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