Excitation of Lead Atoms to Rydberg States

S. F. Dyubko, N. L. Pogrebnyak, A. S. Kutsenko, M. P. Perepechay


The techniques of selective laser excitation of lead atoms to Rydberg states are investigated experimentally. In the principle quantum number range n=30÷75, an excitation to nP states with fine structure resolution was performed in two steps: 6p2→6p7s[1/2,1/2]1→nP{[1/2,1/2]1, [1/2,1/2]0 , [1/2,3/2]1, [1/2,3/2]2} A three step scheme of PbI atom excitation to nS and nD Rydberg states has been first proposed and implemented, the scheme being based on an accidental coincidence of the second excitation step 6p7s[1/2,1/2]1→6p7p[1/2,3/2]1 with theYAG:Nd3+ laser radiation basic frequency.

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Дюбко С.Ф. Возбуждение атомов свинца в ридберговские состояния / С.Ф. Дюбко, Н.Л. Погребняк, А.С. Куценко, М.П. Перепечай // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2011. — Т. 16, № 3. — С. 306-313.

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