Characteristics of Short Dipole Loaded with Disks

S. L. Prosvirnin, L. M. Litvinenko, V. N. Kochin, G. V. Kekelia, P. G. Kobiashvili


Approximate mathematical model of a small in comparison with wavelength dipole antenna loaded at its ends with disks of different diameters has been built. In the neighborhood of the first lowfrequency resonance, the frequency dependences of current amplitude at point of excitation and input resistance are shown both for a dipole antenna and a monopole antenna loaded by a disk at the top and with the antenna base of finite size.

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Просвирнин С.Л. Характеристики короткого вибратора, нагруженного дисками / С.Л. Просвирнин, Л.Н. Литвиненко, В.Н. Кочин, Г.В. Кекелия, П.Г. Кобиашвили // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2011. — Т. 16, № 2. — С. 183-192.

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