Interference Interaction of Counter-Propagating Coherent Waves in a Photonic Crystal with Ferrite Insert

A. V. Strashevskiy, V. B. Kazanskiy, V. R. Tuz


The interaction of counter-propagating coherent linearly polarized electromagnetic waves in a finite periodic structure of dielectric layers with a layer of a transversely magnetized ferrite is studied. The transfer matrix method is used to determine the fields inside the structure. The possibility of effective control of both the resultant energy flow and the level of losses in the structure via changing the amplitudes and phases of the incident waves is shown.

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Страшевский А.В. Интерференционное взаимодействие встречных когерентных волн в фотонном кристалле с ферритовой вставкой / А.В. Страшевский, В.Б. Казанский, В.Р. Туз // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2011. — Т. 16, № 2. — С. 192-198.

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