Heliograph of the UTR-2 Radio Telescope. I. General Scheme

A. A. Stanislavsky, E. P. Abranin, O. O. Konovalenko, A. A. Koval


A detailed description of the wideband analog- digital heliograph based on the UTR-2 radio telescope has been suggested. This device operates in the parallel-serial scheme, when five uniformly spaced beams (formed simultaneously) of the antenna pattern scan a given radio source (e. g. solar corona). As a result, the obtained image represents a cadre consisting of 5×8 pixels with the spatial resolution 25′×25′. Every pixel is caused by a signal from the corresponding beam of the antenna pattern.

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Станиславский А.А. Гелиограф радиотелескопа УТР-2. I. Общая схема / А.А. Станиславский, Э.П. Абранин, А.А. Коноваленко, А.А. Коваль // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2011. — Т. 16, № 1. — С. 5-15.

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