Experimental Investigation of Spectral Characteristics of HF Signals at Longand Ultra-Long-Range Radio Paths

S. B. Kascheev, A. V. Koloskov, A. V. Zalizovski, V. G. Galushko, I. I. Pikulik, Yu. M. Yampolski, V. I. Kurkin, G. I. Litovkin, A. I. Orlov, P. V. Petko


The research results of the time of the day on frequency dependencies of the spectral characteristics of HF signals at radio paths from 3,500 to 19,000 km are presented for different seasons of the year. It is shown that the amplitude and optimum working frequency dependencies at ultra-long-range radio paths are in compliance with the predicted results for quiet geomagnetic conditions. The predictions are made in terms of the wave theory of HF wave propagation (modalanalysis method) using the IRI model. The influence of the global ionospheric irregularities induced by solar terminator and solar eclipse on the Doppler frequency and the amplitude of the spectral peak is analyzed. The possibility of direct and return signal’s discrimination using the Doppler technique for long- and ultra-long-range radio paths is shown.

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Кащеев С.Б. Экспериментальные исследования спектральных характеристик КВ сигналов на дальних и сверхдальних трассах / С.Б. Кащеев, А.В. Колосков, А.В. Зализовский, В.Г. Галушко, И.И. Пикулик, Ю.М. Ямпольский, В.И. Куркин, Г.И. Литовкин, А.И. Орлов, П.В. Петько // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2009. — Т. 14, № 1. — С. 12-26.

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