EM Wave Polarization Transformation by a Reflectarray of Variable-Length Shorted Rectangular Waveguides

A. V. Gribovsky


Polarization patterns of the electromagnetic field scattered on a two-dimensional variable-length periodic reflectarray of shorted waveguides are studied. An array master cell contains two shorted rectangular waveguides with mutually orthogonal walls. The reflected wave Stokes parameters are calculated vs. shorted-waveguide lengths and frequencies. The cability of transforming a linearly polarized wave into the one with either orthogonal polarization or circular polarization of the left- or right-handed rotation of electric field vector is shown.

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Грибовский А.В. Преобразование поляризации электромагнитных волн отражательной решеткой из закороченных волноводов прямоугольного сечения переменной длины / А.В. Грибовский // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2007. — Т. 12, № 1. — С. 55-61.

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