Determination of the range to telecommunications geostationary satellites using the signals of satellite television

F. I. Bushuev, N. A. Kalyuzhny, A. P. Slivinsky, A. V. Shulga


An experimental radio-engineering hardware and software complex (RE HSC) has been developed and tested to determine the slant range difference of telecommunications geostationary satellites (TC GSS) by using correlation of the satellite television signals. The processing of signal information accounts for the structure of these signals and does not depend on their payload composition. Accuracy estimation of the slant range difference is equal 5.6 m and determined by the synchronization accuracy of the complex by using single-frequency GPS receivers Resolution- T. Subject to the improvement of the synchronization system based on a highly stable atomic frequency standard and optimal separation of several RE HSCs at the range of about 1000 km, the joint orbit determination error of TC GSS could be equal to about 18 m or 0.1 arcsec. Considered radio-engineering complex may be a prototype of cost-effective all-weather regional network for orbit determination of TC GSS and longterm monitoring of its characteristics.

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Бушуев Ф.И. Определение дальности до телекоммуникационных геостационарных спутников с использованием сигналов спутникового телевидения / Ф.И. Бушуев, Н.А. Калюжный, А.П. Сливинский, А.В. Шульга // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2012. — Т. 17, № 3. — С. 282-290.

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