Parallel Genetic Algorithm in the Optimization Problem of Filter Parameters Based on Coaxial Waveguide with the System of Slots in a Hollow Inner Conductor

M. E. Kaliberda, L. M. Litvinenko, S. A. Pogarsky


An automatic procedure based on the genetic algorithm for the filter parameters optimization of the T-mode of a coaxial waveguide and H11-mode of a circular waveguide is developed. The filter based on a coaxial waveguide with the system of slots in a hollow inner conductor is considered. The dielectric beads may be placed between the slots. The numerical algorithm for the boundary problem solution is based on the operator method and mode-matching method. The calculation time for determination of optimal set of filter parameters is essentially reduced due to using a full parallel algorithm.

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Калиберда М.Е. Параллельный генетический алгоритм в задаче оптимизации параметров фильтра на основе коаксиального волновода с системой щелей в полом внутреннем проводнике / М.Е. Калиберда, Л.Н. Литвиненко, С.А. Погарский // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2012. — Т. 17, № 4. — С. 362-369.

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