Plane Waveguide Eigenwave Diffraction by Periodic Sequence of Transverse Slots

M. E. Kaliberda, S. A. Pogarsky


Plane waveguide eigenwave diffraction by semi-infinite and bounded periodic sequence of transverse slots in one of the waveguide walls has been investigated by using the operator method. The key-element reflection and transmission coefficients are found. The reflection coefficient dependencies are calculated for a wide range of parameter variation.

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Калиберда М.Е. Дифракция собственных волн плоского волновода на периодической последовательности поперечных щелей / М.Е. Калиберда, С.А. Погарский // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2006. — Т. 11, № 4. — С. 355-362.

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