On the Perturbation Method in the Theory of Wave Scattering by Statistically Rough Surface

A. S. Bryukhovetski


Three versions of the perturbation method are considered as applied to the solution of wave scattering by statistically rough surface: the Born expansion, the Bourret approximation, and the Kraichnan approximation. The correlation is established between the mentioned approximations as the passage to the limit in certain ranges of physical parameters.

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Брюховецкий А.С. О методе малых возмущений в теории рассеяния волн статистически неровной поверхностью / А.С. Брюховецкий // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2006. — Т. 11, № 3. — С. 242-254.

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