Propagation Features of EM-Field Pulse Electric Component in Dielectric in Case of Self-Induced Transparency

A. N. Volobuev, V. A. Neganov


The formation of an electromagnetic radiation pulse propagating in a dielectric environment under self-induced transparency is considered. The description of such a pulse in terms of the Maxwell–Bloch equations is shown to be insufficient. A possible relation for the average occupation number to the pulse energy with the power saturation of the environment considered is suggested. The calculated pulse electric component is shown.

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Волобуев А.Н. Особенности распространения электрической составляющей импульса электромагнитного поля в диэлектрике в условиях самоиндуцированной прозрачности / А.Н. Волобуев, В.А. Неганов // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2004. — Т. 9, № 4. — С. 430-439.

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