Estimation of Remote Sensing Characteristics of Salt Wet Soils at Decimeter Wavelengths

Yu. V. Goryshnya


The numerically simulated effect of salinity of wet soils on their radar sensing characteristics in L- and P- bands are shown for the circular – also, for comparison, the linear horizontal – polarizations. The saline soil detection in active remote sensing in the L-band is shown to become imperfect due to the influence of a vertical profile of soil humidity distribution. The difference between L- and P-band scattering by wet soils and the applicability of active remote sensing techniques in the decimeter wavelengths for estimation of the soil salinity are discussed.

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Горишняя Ю.В. Оценка радиолокационных характеристик засоленных влажных почв в дециметровом диапазоне длин волн / Ю.В. Горишняя // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2004. — Т. 9, № 3. — С. 315-324.

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