I. F. Domnin, S. V. Katsko, M. V. Lyashenko, L. F. Chernogor


The simulation results of the effects of the Earth upper atmosphere thermal and dynamic conditions disturbances during the strong magnetic storm of November 13–14, 2012 are presented. The magnetic storm has caused a whole package of processes which accompanied plasma, electric and magnetic fields disturbances in different regions of near-Earth space. The occurrence of individual characteristics and general regularities in geomagnetic storms is confirmed.

Key words: geospace storm, ionospheric disturbance, incoherent scattering, dynamic and thermal processes

Manuscript submitted 01.10.2014

Radio phys. radio astron. 2014, 19(4): 336-347


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geospace storm; ionospheric disturbance; incoherent scattering; dynamic and thermal processes

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