Doppler Spectra Statistical Characteristics of Radio Signals Reflected in the Naturally Disturbed Ionosphere

S. V. Panasenko, L. F. Chernogor


The statistical analysis results of Doppler spectra (DS) time variations of radio signals at vertical incidence are shown. HF Doppler radar is used for ionosphere probing. The DS analysis is carried out for the day of solar eclipse, August 1, 2008, and days without eclipse. The statistical characteristics of DSs and parameters of turbulence ionosphere are estimated. The eclipse is shown to cause considerable disturbances in the ionosphere.

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Панасенко С.В. Статистические характеристики доплеровских спектров радиосигналов, отраженных от естественно-возмущенной ионосферы / С.В. Панасенко, Л.Ф. Черногор // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2010. — Т. 15, № 1. — С. 24-39.

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