Determination Characteristics of Atmospheric Gravity Waves in the Polar Regions Using Mass-Spectrometer Satellite Measurements

A. K. Fedorenko


Atmospheric gravity waves (AGW) in polar regions are investigated using the Dynamics Explorer 2 satellite data. The restoration technique for AGW spectral characteristics is developed. It uses one-dot satellite measurements of concentrations of different atmospheric gases. Employing this technique the following polar AGW characteristics are determined: vertical displacement,temperature and pressure variations, AGW propagation direction in relation to the satellite, time period, horizontal phase speed and horizontal speed of particles along the satellite trajectory. It is found that at different relative amplitudes the polar AGW are characterized by the determined spatial and time scales. The AGWs are assumed to be of resonant nature.

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Федоренко А.К. Відтворення характеристик атмосферних гравітаційних хвиль в полярних регіонах на основі мас-спектрометричних супутникових вимірювань / Федоренко А.К. // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. — 2009. — Т. 14, № 3. — С. 254-266.

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